Bachelor of Science

Double Major in Advertising Management and Marketing

2011 - 2014

Winter '14, I took on the roll of Account Strategist in the undertaking of an unnamed wine bar creative campaign. The client's main objective was to create a place that would break through to a new market of Portland millennials. Leveraging satire, the three of us worked within a small budget to design and advertise this new business as a no pressure sanctuary for expert and novice winos alike. The three of us were excited to present 'Whine' -- a place where young people could relax, and discover wine without all the snob. 

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Fall '13, my media strategy class was presented with the task of identifying a target profile and creating a detailed media plan for a grand re-opening of the Portland Children's Museum. Together, my team designed a 12 month multi-channel strategy utilizing print, outdoor, television, radio and internet exposure. My contribution focused primarily on strategic scheduling, exposure levels, and presentation design. Our professor awarded our plan with superior reviews, and praised us for low CPMs, high number of impressions, tactical scheduling and clean layout. 

Spring '14, Tillamook's head of marketing briefed my advertising capstone class about the company's desire to infiltrate the California ice cream marketplace as well as it's struggle to capture the millennial audience. Each team was tasked to create a digital campaign with the objective to boost traffic to the Tillamook website, and increase exposure among millennials. 

I took on the position of Account Planner within our mock agency and played a large roll in conducting and moderating research including surveys, friendship pairs/dinners and focus groups.  I also collaborated as a creative in producing our campaign's social media ads. Together we were able to uncover new insights from the industry and target profile to build a strategy that cast Tillamook ice cream as the hero product for a 'Wild Night In'. We pitched our campaign to a marketing representative from Tillamook, and she praised our creative product for being on brand, usable, and appealing to a broad range of customers.